Rebecca Minkoff and yours truly

Last year I was oh so lucky to work with the lovely Rebecca Minkoff team in NYC.  I stopped by their offices to spread a little nail love and did a quick interview,… Continue reading

Stuff She Likes

Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes and I got together for a little nail art the other night..  Always super fun. Here is a little of the process..Gradient Ombre Glitter Beaded Nails…and a… Continue reading

Missing You

I miss cheese and honey.  I know I only started a couple days ago but going to the farmers market today, it was hard to keep from drooling over the organic raw cheese… Continue reading

Desert Journey

  Since my last update I have been on a constant hunt for sugar free, gluten free, dairy free deserts.  Even most vegan deserts have sugar or agave, sometimes gluten.  I have been… Continue reading

Lets handle this…

Sitting in Whole Foods creating this thing.  Might as well start with what I’ve eaten today! I always start my day with Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Acidophilous (a saviour for the… Continue reading